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This ain’t about Jesus, no way. No Abe, no Ike, Moses or Mohammed. Yeah, it’s all about believin’.

I’m here to sing about the things that mattered.

About the things that made us feel alive for oh so long.

About the things that kept you on my side — when I was wrong.

Maybe it’s just me, but couldn’t you believe?

That everything I said or did wasn’t just deceiving.

And someday, I promise I’ll be gone.

And someday, I might even sing this song.

I might even sing this song to you.

— Secondhand Serenade 

A drop in the ocean.

A change in the weather.

I was praying that you and me might end up together.

It’s like I’m wishing for rain as I stand in the desert.

But I’m holding you closer than most —

Cause you are my heaven.

I wonder how you’ll keep warm.

It’s too late to cry, too broken to move on.

Still, I can’t let you be.

Most nights, I hardly sleep.

Don’t take what you don’t need from me.